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2016 World Championships
2016 World Championships


2017 Grand Opening Demo
2017 Grand Opening Demo

2016 World Championships
2016 World Championships


Texas Forge Taekwondo is a family owned martial arts school located in the Northside district of Fort Worth, Texas. The school focuses on respect and education through our school’s tenets.  The Munoz family began taekwondo training under Grandmaster Myong Sok Namkung Mayes (9th Dan), U.S. Taekwondo Center (USTC) in Spring Lake, North Carolina. Grandmaster Mayes is the first female in the world to receive the 9th Dan black belt and had remained the only female 9th Dan for over 12 years. She is considered a legend in her home country of Korea and has instilled a solid foundation for us to grow upon.

In 2015, Mr. Joe Munoz retired from the U.S. Army and he and his family moved back home to Fort Worth, Texas. In 2016, the Munoz family opened a dojang in order for their daughters to continue training and compete at a world class level.  Texas Forge Taekwondo is a member of United States of America Taekwondo (USAT) and is U.S. Center for Safe Sport trained/certified.


Master Adalis Munoz

Adalis "AJ" started her martial arts journey when she was eight years old in North Carolina. Adalis trained in combatives and karate a few years before transferring to taekwondo under Grandmaster Myong Sok Namkung Mayes.

In between competing, training, and working, AJ goes to school full time at the University of Texas at Arlington. She is pursuing a B.A. in Psychology and a B.S. in Exercise Science. While at UTA she has pioneered the Maverick Taekwondo Club where she serves as president. She also attends Tarrant County College part time to earn an A.A. in business. 

AJ won her first gold medal and national title at the 2014 U.S. National Taekwondo Championships in San Jose, California.  Afterwards, AJ was the first American to win a GOLD medal in the individual freestyle female division (over 18) at the 9th World Taekwondo (WT) Poomsae World Championships in 2014 at Aguascalientes, Mexico. In addition, she was also the first and only American to receive the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award at this competition. To date she is still the only American to receive this recognition.


In 2015 and 2016, AJ defended her national title as the female freestyle national champion in Austin, Texas and Richmond, VA (respectively). Further, AJ won another GOLD medal in the individual freestyle female division (over 18) at the 10th World Taekwondo (WT) Poomsae World Championships in Lima, Peru. Out of 55 countries that participated, she again made history by becoming a 2 time world champion for her event. She successfully defended her title and is the current world champion for this division.


In 2016, AJ competed at the U.S. National Collegiate Taekwondo Championships at Colorado State University in Boulder, Colorado winning a gold medal in individual poomsae. In 2017, AJ competed and won three gold medals at the U.S. National Collegiate Taekwondo Championships at the University of California in San Diego, California in individual (championship), individual (team trial) and team divisions. During the 29th Summer World University Games 2017, AJ was the Bronze Medalist for individual poomsae. She is the first female American to medal at this event in forms. In addition, from all the sports competing in this event, she was the first American to earn a medal for U.S.A. after several sports had already competed. Her team finished 7th place in the team event. Overall, 145 different nations competed in 21 sports breaking into 271 events.

In 2018, AJ made the U.S. National Team in 3 separate divisions; individual freestyle, individual recognized, and pair freestyle. She subsequently earned her berth to the 2018 11thWorld Taekwondo (WT) Poomsae World Championships in Taipei, Taiwan. There, she successfully defended her Individual Freestyle title and earned her 3rdWorld Championship GOLD medal. For her performance, she additionally earned the World Taekwondo Freestyle MVP Award. 


In 2019, AJ had full competitive season that allowed her to reach many milestones. She made the Collegiate National Team that would represent the USA at the Summer World University Games (SWUG) in Napoli, Italy. In June, she traveled to Rome, Italy for the first ever World Taekwondo Grand Prix series, where a select few were invited based on their ranking from 2018 World’s. AJ placed 2ndat this historical event. She then traveled to Colorado Springs, CO with her team and placed 3rdat the Pan American Games Team Trial event. Following this event, she went to 2019 National Championships and earned her 6thconsecutive gold medal and team trial in the Individual Freestyle division. A few days later she traveled to Napoli for SWUG. After 30 hours of traveling and less than 24 hours to recover, AJ made history and won the USA’s first ever gold medal in the individual division (topping her 2017 performance). 


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Our Instructors


Instructor Joe Munoz

Joe, a 3rd degree black belt is a U. S. Army Ranger and Special Forces Green Beret who served for 25 years active duty and retired as a Chief Warrant Officer –Four.  Joe enlisted in 1990 and served in the 75th Ranger Regiment, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne), and the U.S. Army Special Operations Command (Airborne).  Among the many Army schools and courses, most notable are; Infantryman's course (11B) Ranger Indoctrination Program (75th Ranger selection course), U.S. Army Ranger course (Distinguished Honor Graduate Enlisted, ASI V), Special Forces Weapons Sergeants Course (18B), Special Forces Intelligence Sergeants course (18F), U.S. Army Rotary Wing course (UH-60 Blackhawk) and the Warrant Officer Basic Course (153D and 180A)/Advanced Course (180A)/Staff course (180A).  His deployments include five combat tours and served with distinction before returning home in 2015. Joe’s family has been part of the Northside community for over forty-four years and is a graduate of Northside High School.

Joe took interest in learning taekwondo to spend more time with his two daughters. He and his wife, Delma enrolled at USTC and began their training in 2009. He competed with his wife and two daughters at the U.S. Open Hanmadang in 2014 as a family team. Joe became the coach of Team Munoz TKD to assist in AJ’s world class competitions. He earned a Bachelor’s of Applied Science degree from Campbell University in Buies Creek, North Carolina.


Instructor Del Munoz

Delma is a coach, instructor and manager of Texas Forge Taekwondo. She has a bachelor of science in business administration/accounting from Troy University in Troy, Alabama. Delma began her training in taekwondo in 2009 under Grandmaster Myong Sok Namkung Mayes, U.S. Taekwondo Center, Spring Lake, North Carolina.

Before she began homeschooling her daughters, Delma enjoyed training for marathons, half-marathons, adventure races and triathlons both on road and off road. She has placed first and third in her age category in a few of these races competing against military men and women.

Currently, Delma is pursuing a master’s degree in elementary education and ESL at the University of Texas at Arlington.


Instructor Zoie Munoz

Zoie Munoz started her taekwondo training in 2009 under Grandmaster Myong Sok Namkung Mayes, U.S. Taekwondo Center, Spring Lake, North Carolina. She is currently a 3rd degree black belt and sophomore at Tiponi Academy (Home school). Zoie has won a bronze medal at the U.S.A. Taekwondo National Championships (Salt Lake City, Utah), gold medal at the Texas Taekwondo Varsity High School State Championships (2018 Austin, Texas), bronze medal U.S. National High School Taekwondo Championships (2018 Salt Lake City, Utah).


Zoie’s hobbies include dancing folklorico and training for future competitions in sport poomsae and freestyle poomsae. Her career goal is to have a doctorate in physical therapy and have her own therapy center.


Instructor Michael Pascua

Michael, a 3rd Dan black belt, graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering. His taekwondo career began at the age of seven at Tulsa Taekwondo Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma under Master Eric Devonshire. He received his first black belt in 2006 and in 2007 he moved to Fort Worth, Texas and trained at Won Park Institute under Grandmaster Won Chik Park (9th Dan). In 2013, he trained at Korean Tiger Martial Arts until moving to Texas Forge Taekwondo in 2017.

In 2007, he competed at the USAT Junior Olympics in San Jose, California and a won gold medal in poomsae. He continued his competition journey by winning a gold medal in sparring at the 2013 Fort Worth International Taekwondo Championships. While attending Texas A&M in College Station, Texas, Michael won a gold medal in sparring at the 2014 Fort Worth International Taekwondo Championships and bronze medal in sparring at the 2015 Texas A&M Taekwondo Open.  Michael sparred in the preliminary of the 2016 U.S. Taekwondo Open in Reno, Nevada. In 2017, Michael competed at the Oklahoma State Taekwondo Championships and won a silver medal in sparring.

Michael began training at Texas Forge Taekwondo in October of 2017. In March of 2018 at the Texas State Taekwondo Championships, Michael and Master AJ won a bronze medal for recognized pairs. He continued to train and prepare for 2018 U.S.A. Taekwondo National Championships and was very successful in the senior divisions of freestyle. Michael became a U.S. National team member by winning a gold medal in freestyle poomsae pairs and became a team alternate by winning a silver medal in freestyle poomsae team. In addition, he also locked in a bronze medal for individual freestyle poomsae.  He will compete at the 11th World Taekwondo (WT) World Poomsae Championships in Taipei, Taiwan to represent the U.S. in freestyle poomsae pairs.

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Instructor Abril Alonso

Abril is Texas Forge's very first black belt student. She began the journey in 2015 and has recently tested for her black belt. She has also taken the referee course for Level 1. Abril is a graduate of Northside High School and attended Tarrant County College. 


She is a silver medalist for poomsae from the Fort Worth International Taekwondo Hanmadang Championship in 2017. She enjoys the arts, theatre and hopes to get a degree in the film industry. In 2019 Abril became the first black belt Texas Forge Taekwondo has produced. Since then, she has gone on to earn her USA Taekwondo Referee Certification and continues to teach at the school. 

Our Junior Instructors


Instructor Victoria Munoz

Victoria started training at Texas Forge in 2016 , alongside her younger brother. She graduated Northside High School and currently attends Tarrant County College. While attending TCC she also participates in the Student Government Association, a member of Phi Theta Kappa and Sigma Kappa Delta.  She plans on completing a Bachelor's Degree in Communications at the University of Texas- Arlington. 

In Taekwondo, Victoria has thrived as an Instructor at Texas Forge and enjoys volunteering/reffing at competitions. 


1st Poom

Joe Munoz