Here at Texas Forge Taekwondo, we offer both traditional and sport taekwondo for ages four and up. We have a variety of classes for each level. Our classes are designed to each age group’s maximum learning ability. We use a three phase approach by focusing on the martial (sparring and practical application), the art (poomsae/forms) and the philosophy that supports each to better prepare each student. In addition to our three taekwondo curriculum based classes, we also offer ladies’ self-defense and competition training. Students also learn Korean terminology as part of their curriculum.  We are bilingual and provide instruction in English and Spanish.


Texas Forge Taekwondo instructors are Kukkiwon belt holders, United States of America Taekwondo (USAT) background check verified for coaching and have taken the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) SAFE SPORT program in all three areas.

Little Tykes Class

The Little Tykes class is designed for children ages 4-7 years old. Our class is constructed to promote character building such as focusing, respect and discipline. Our students practice listening skills and develop motor and agility skills. The Little Tykes program incorporates a unique curriculum designed to target their age specific needs and learn Korean terminology as they move through the ranks. Each class is carefully planned to integrate a wide variety of taekwondo, physical and mental skills to help each child develop to the best of their ability.  

Youth Class

The Youth class is designed for ages 8-14 years old. The primarily focus is character building skills through taekwondo belt system. Rather than just learning martial arts, students learn important character traits for each belt and how to apply them outside of the dojang (TKD training center). We believe in not only the physical side of taekwondo but the academic side as well. Youth classes are separated by beginner, intermediate, and advanced belt ranks. 

Adult Class

The Adult class is designated to students ages 15 and up. We believe everyone works at a different pace and has different physical goals. Texas Forge has the experience and knowledge to accommodate all levels of mobility. Our adult class promotes a healthier lifestyle through taekwondo.  

Ladies Self Defense

The Ladies’ self-defense class is open to ladies over the age of 15. Mr. Muñoz developed this class to work on a variety of self-defense techniques and conditioning to prepare you for multiple scenarios. His knowledge in both military combat training and martial arts creates a unique blend of skills and defense philosophies. This class is separate from our taekwondo programs. While both classes complement each other, this class focuses more on the practical application of martial arts.

Competition Training

At Texas Forge Taekwondo, we believe the drive to compete comes from within each student. We offer competitive opportunities at different levels throughout the year. From beginner level to world class divisions, we have different programs developed for every level of skill. Each program is carefully designed to challenge students both physically and mentally. We strongly believe competitive students take the initiative to train and push themselves to their full potential.  ​


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